While Frank was searching this beautiful land to seek out labels for you dolls he came across - 
'Twist & Tango' a Swedish fashion brand founded in 1995. The creative team behind the brand, wanted to make simple yet stylish “everyday clothes” with a variety of styles, garments and prints that they felt were missing on the market.
Twist & Tango immediately established a strong position on the Scandinavian market. The company has six concept stores in Sweden and a distribution through  450 selected retailers around the world.


For Twist & Tango - style is personal and fashion is the best way of expressing your personal style.  Twist & Tangos philosophy is based on our core values; FUN, SIMPLE, PERSONAL & FEMININE, and they work with these keywords in everything they do. The Twist & Tango silhouette is “effortless feminine” as we want to look feminine and feel great.

 We love nothing more than receiving a Twist & Tango drop in Frank & Doll HQ. Sometimes its a struggle to get the items on the site as everyone is the office just simply adores them. The quality is second to none and each piece fills our little hearts with joy! 




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