Here at Frank & Doll Boutique we are lucky enough to have had some fabulous bloggers feature us on there inspiring and stylish blogs. We have now flipped the tables and handpicked the crème de la crème of the blogging world to showcase their fav Frank & Doll pieces and have a little chat with us.

Our first Guest Blogger is Sara Luxe of

1.)You run one of our fav blogs, how did you get into blogging? 
I was a fashion buyer then I moved into homeware as it was a better job, but I missed fashion so much. Fashon fiters through to homeware but it is usually a few seasons behind & I didn’t want to loose my grip on the fashon industry. So I set up my blog as a way of pushing myself to research the industry, trends, shows and models. It helped me ensure I was ‘on the ball’ despite feeling disjointed from it. I like having somewhere to document any events or shows I felt to as an ‘insider’ too and I hoped it may help others who wish to follow the same career path.

2.)Describe your style?
Lazy, Laid back, a little grungey with a natural colour palette. I want to feel like I am wearing the clothes, not that they are wearing me & with my job being very hands on ( I am a stylist ) , I need clothes that are a relaxed fit so that I am not restricted on a photoshoot.  

3.)What are your top 3 fav brands?
Evil Twin,
Dr Martins.

4.) If your wardrobe was on fire what would you save?

If my wardrobe was on fire, I’d only lose 1/5 of my clothes. My room looks like a stockroom – full of silver clothing rails! But let’s just say I’d save.... my faux fur leopard print coat with purple silk lining. My Mam gave me money for a ‘good warm hardwearing Winter coat’. I bought this, she was unimpressed – I have yet to find anything that makes me feel so warm inside !

5.)What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a blog?
Dont think you need to sound like anyone else, look like anyone else or wear the same as anyone else. Being yourself is what makes your blog credible and unique, it is why people will come to you and not someone else. Also don’t think you need to always wear new things – I rarely buy new clothes – I am a Stylist living on my own in a city – some months I might treat myself but others I can’t – so don’t think that because you don’t own a pair of JC Lita’s or have the new Michael Kors watch that you have any less of a blog. Just make the most of what you have, show how you can wear one item many ways and write things that you would genuinely like to read about.

6.) Do you have a style icon? if so who and why?
I love the music icons of the 60’s and 70’s and think they have amazing style, its so refreshing and organic. Siouxsie Sioux, Debbie Harry, John Lennon & Alison Mosshart all look amazing. I love the undone look of the Sex Pistols, the anarchy of the fashion, the tailored suits of the teddy boys, the turn ups of the jeans on the Rock n Rollers. They are who inspired me – I don’t dress to be like them – I just look at the details and portray them in my own current way.

7.) When i grow up i want to be? 
Content, Happy and Excited about tomorrow. I could be a top stylist, I could be self-employed, I could be living in a little cottage and growing my own fruit and veg. As long as I wake up happy everyday and always have goals to hit – I will have found success.

Today Sara is wearing our Flower Boom Dress! And boy does she wear it well!

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