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has picked her 2 fav F&D dresses & answers a few questions! 
What a Doll! 


I decided to style this gorgeous scuba dress in two different ways to show off how versatile it can be. For the first look I simply added a white shirt to dress it down a bit and paired it with my black chelsea boots. The perfect accessories for this outfit are, in my opinion, a bowler hat and a black satchel, giving the outfit a clean, preppy feel. But, let's not forget the gorilla print on the front of the dress which will give a bit of edge to the look!

My second outfit based around the dress is slightly more daring. It's not something I'd normally wear myself but I' actually quite like it. As soon as I saw the skater shape of the dress I thought that it would be fun to complete the skater look with a cap. Any cap would go, but I wanted to have a bit of fun with the outfit so I added this crazy spiked cap. I think it and the dress compliment one another so well, as it's not a hat that would go with everything! The only thing needed to complete the look was a leather jacket. I had my spiked ankle boots on my feet but, if you don't feel ready to go spike-crazy, I think the outfit would also look great paired with creepers or some black lace up boots.

These are just two possible looks, but the dress is such a statement piece that it looks amazing worn just on its own. There's a sheer panel at the back so it would look amazing on a night out with an up-do and a big pair of earrings. If you want to invest in a wearable LBD that can be dressed up or down, this is the one for you!


1.)You run one of our fav blogs http://amybell-thelittlemagpie.blogspot.co.uk/ how did you get into blogging? aw, thank you very much! My Mum was living in Paris last year and, as we had some spare time in the evenings when I was over visiting, she suggested that I start one. It kind of just took off from there!

2.)Describe your style? I never, ever know how to answer this question as I don't really think that I have a style! It depends on my mood I suppose; one day I'll wake up and feel like dressing quite grungy, the next I'll wake up and want to dress like Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell.

3.)What are your top 3 fav brands? Ah there's so, so many! I think I'd have to put Mink Pink, Dahlia and Olive up there though.

4.) If your wardrobe was on fire what would you save? That's a tough one but, as bad as I'd feel for my other clothes, I think I'd have to save a vintage black cocktail dress that used to be my Mums.

5.)What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a blog? Just be yourself and try not too worry too much about what other people will think!

6.) Do you have a style icon? if so who and why? I have a million and one style icons to be honest! The main ones are probably Rachel Bilson, the Olsen twins and Alexa Chung. They all dress to suit their shape and have their own individual look. I also pick up a lot of inspiration from people in magazines, people in the street and, of course, other bloggers!

7.) When i grow up i want to be? Hmm... Alexa Chung please?


In terms of dress requirements this one has it all: it's the perfect length, it's got a fitted waist, and the neckline sits at the perfect height. The fact that it's polka dot print is just an added bonus! I always struggle to find transitional pieces to take me from Summer to Autumn but I think I've finally nailed it with this dress; wear it with a fur stole and leather jacket on colder day, and then on one of those rare warm Autumn days you can wear it with a light jumper on top and a collar. A must-have piece for any wardrobe!

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