When Frank met the Meringue Girls!

When Frank met the Meringue Girls!

Frank met up with 'The Meringue Girls' to find out a little more behind the girls creating the sweetest treats on the market.

Both trained chefs, Alex and Stacey met in a restaurant kitchen in Hackney where they both shared there passion for meringues! 
Stacey and Alex believe cupcakes, cake pops and macarons have had their day – and this is the age of the meringue!

With such a wonderful array of flavours from Hazelnut to Gin & Tonic what is your favourite flavour or signature flavour?
Stacey's favourite flavour is Manuka honey (the powder is flown all the way from her hometown in Auckland!) and Alex's favourite is Gin and Tonic. We don't really have a signature flavour as we are always trying to mix it up and coming up with exciting new ones!

The saying 'You eat with your eyes first' rings SO true when you look at your beautiful kisses.. what is your fav colours to whip up?
We love how beautiful our meringues look when they are displayed as a rainbow, we think the pastel colours are the best! It's also cool to mix the colours together to get multi coloured striped meringues too.

 Why set up a meringue business?
Cupcakes and macarons have had their time, everyone is looking for the new big thing. Meringues are cute, they're bite size, they're low fat, and gluten free.

Do you have any top tips for anyone wanting to make meringues at home?
Using our cookbook, anyone can make the perfect meringues. We give step by step instructions and fail proof recipes and techniques to ensure that everyone can master the meringue! It's also super important to use clean utensils to ensure the egg whites stiffen up, and to always follow the oven temperature instructions accurately. 

Fav song to cook too?
Fleetwood Mac!

What would be your typical 'to work' outfits?
Stacey's would be Doc Martins, and Alex's Nike Air Max, paired with whatever we are feeling that morning!

Fav hangout in East London?
Stacey's is The Vintage Emporium, and Alex's would be Dalston Roof Park.

What next for the Meringue girls?
We plan to open our first bakery in Broadway Market, but dream of having MG stores all over the world! We are also working on our next cookbook, and are in talks about a potential TV show.

If you could be one other chef for the day who would it be?
Rick Stein for Stacey! Alex would be Jamie Oliver 

Meringue kisses are sold for 70p in the Selfridges Foodhall. The Meringue Girls Cookbook is also now available.

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