KATIE EARY is the London-based designer who is causing BIG waves in the industry. Eary may be seen as the new kid on the block but already, she's beloved by rap stars and fashionistas alike. Shortly after graduating from the Royal College of Art, Eary has racked up a very impressive resume - creating custom pieces for queen Kate Moss herself (her first gig we may add) 

Since launching her eponymous line in 2009 after working at Levi’s, the Stevenage-born designer has been making waves on the menswear scene. Her designs are a feast for the eyes!

We caught up with Katie just of the back of her amazing A/W14 show where she collaborated with Savile Row tailor Richard Anderson and where we were lucky enough to have front row -


Firstly Katie a huge congratulation on the show it was a total feast
for the eyes. We did not want it to end.Partnering up with Anderson could be seen as a unlikely paring how was the experience for you?


It was a delight, Richard was a pleasure to work with, I learnt a lot
about the art of tailoring. Its extremely strict, and i will take thison when designing the next collection... All in all it was an experience.

F.D)No-one could ever say you 'play it safe' with your prints, from

flamingos to bold leopard print each piece is like its own piece of
art,  where does your inspiration come from?

K.E)Books mostly, I like that when you read a book its only your visionguided by the words. So its the perfect primary source, a greatstarting point.

F.D)So you have created custom pieces for Queen Kate Moss herself (herfirst gig!). Your pieces have been worn by Rihanna, Jaden Smith, RitaOra and 2 Chainz just to name a few but if you could see anyonewearing a Eary piece who would it be?

K.E)hmmm, Thats a difficult question, I feel like all the top cats havealready worn it... It would be nice to see Ri Ri in my new Swimwearcollection for River Island ( comes out on the 20th Feb) There reallyis no-one like her.

F.D)Kanye West! You have worked with him and now class him as a friend,how was working with him and what did you take away from thatexperience?

K.E) He's amazing, He showed me that anything is possible.

F.D) Whats next to come from Katie Eary?

K.E)I have a duel branded project coming out with Grenson Footwear (soldexclusively on Mr Porter) coming out 18th of Feb. And then anotherDuel branded project with River Island coming out the 20th Feb.

Few quick fire questions -

Fav music to listen to when working?  
Tame Impala, or Drenge if i havea deadline!

Fav hangout in East London? 
Hackey Ho Flat... (its a secret location forjust me and my friends)

Typical outfit for a working day? 
if its busy, PJ's. Or Ripped jeanswith Leopard print shirt.

Biggest style crush? 
Kate Moss (OBV)

Perfect day off? Room service and movies ALL DAY in an amazing Hotel room!

We are now lucky enough to be stocking Limited Edition KATIE EARY I Pad cases and Tee's!

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