This week Frank and Doll were lucky enough to interview one of the worlds most promising high jumpers and sought after fashion models with an incredible story; Miss Amy Pejkovic. 

In May 2012 the Auzzie born 21 yr old who was making waves in the high jump and fashion scene, found herself fighting for her life with 19 staples in the back of her scalp having had a 5cm brain ­tumour removed. The tumour had been discovered by doctors after Amy had endured terrible headaches and vomiting. Amy who has been used to training hard all of her life, had her most gruelling effort ahead of her as she went into recovery following the removal of the baseball sized tumour. 

" After I came to the realisation of what I was about to endure, and how difficult it was going to be to recover from the surgery; I always told myself to stay positive and that I was going to get through it. Nothing was going to change and that I was going to be back jumping in no time at all." The thought of giving up never ever crossed my mind", Amy told us.

After Regaining her strength slowly with the aid of a walking frame and after months of intensive rehab Amy competed in the woman's high jump in Canberra and equalled her all time best. When asked how the felt Amy told us;

 "I honestly don’t know how to describe it.. After I cleared the bar I was in shock! I started to cry it was that overwhelming, Mum (who is also my coach) cried as well. You honestly could not wipe the smile off my face for months after, It was the most incredible feeling. That was the day I told myself I have beaten an illness that almost took my life away from me."

As well as returning to competition Amy juggles training with a blossoming modelling career that boasts a portfolio that includes Chanel, David Jones and Lorna Jane.

We asked Miss Pejkovic if the ordeal of the tumour and subsequent rehab had any impact on her confidence when casting for modelling jobs. Amy responded, "It has never had an effect on my jobs! It has certainly helped me gain jobs because of the story behind it. At the end of the day I always think how lucky I am to have survived and come out of surgery with no complications."

Amy told us that combining the modelling and athletics has been "a match made in heaven so far and hopefully it continues to work well together" 

We asked what is next for the beautiful and inspirational Amy; 
"At the moment, I am just training up for the domestic athletics season, but potentially aiming for the World championships in Beijing and then Rio in 2016!! I also have a new campaign launching in the coming months! So keep your eyes peeled" :)

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