Elizabeth Grady

We had the most wonderfully wild time in the crazy city that is New york. Our next stop of the East Coast was Boston. 
After 10 days of partying, shopping and eating burgers i was in desperate need of a good facial. Luckily for me in the heart of beautiful Boston is Elizabeth Grady. If there is anything i love more than fashion its skin care. What i put on my face means as much to me as what i put (stuff) in it!

Elizabeth Grady is so much more than a beauty salon. Grady provides an innovative approach to beauty and skin care health through their own range of excellent products, services, schools and franchises.

After the craziness of NY i felt my skin was slightly more dull and felt clogged up. I told my therapist Deirdre (who was an absolute doll) this and she gave me the treatment she best felt would benefit me. She was absolutely rite. I had the Marine Facial with a pro peel. It was toe curling good! My skin felt amazing after so fresh and bright and this lasted for days after the treatment. 

Deirdre talked me briefly talked me through each step of the treatment so i knew what to expect but that was it. She let me relax and enjoy the process and not talk to me the whole way through. I even had a beautiful hand massage while the mask was on.. heaven! 

I am obsessed with skin care products so it was difficult for me to leave without grabbing a few bits. My hand massage was SO good and my hands smelt and felt amazing i needed the cream that was used so the 'Handsilk' with Green Tea & Ginger was mine.
My skin can be very sensitive during the winter so i was thrilled to see a toner with no alcohol and a relief serum to calm sensitive skin. 

After 90 minuets of pure heaven at Elizabeth Grady i felt totally refreshed and ready for a fab time in Boston. If you are ever in these locations - http://elizabethgrady.com/products_services/locations.asp i highly recommend you treat yourself to a beautiful facial!

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