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Stephi LaReine is the founder and voice behind, a fashion and lifestyle blog where she explores fashion, trends, beauty, products and places. We were lucky enough to have a little catch up with the pink haired babe. is approaching its first birthday and has already gathered a very impressive following. Stephi 20 from Liverpool gives us a little insight into her world.

Your style is fabulous.. please tell us a little about it?

I feel like my style comprises of purely textures, I love furs and mixing that with leather, lace, velvet etc. I shy away from colour a lot of the time, sticking to either monochrome ensembles or incorporating minimal pastels.

Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?

Have one feature to dazzle; for me my rule of thumb is either my arms, shoulders, back or legs. Also use a striking shoe, even a bad fashion day can be compensated by a rather snazzy pair flat or sky high platforms.

Who inspires you in the fashion world?

I'm probably Vivienne Westwoods biggest fan, I love that she breaks all boundaries and goes off the rails, I'm someone who grew up with characters like her around 24/7 and had a profound effect on my correlation between women and fashion, as creative interpretation more than a series of rules.

Best thing about being a blogger?

Being able to have control of my content and flow from one part of my life to the other and share my knowledge with my readers, it's an incredibly rewarding experience to see people wanting to hear what you have to say!

We have to talk about your amazing hair.. Please tell us what made you go pink?

Oh the mermaid hair ah! I experimented with dyes when I was 13 and tried every colour in the rainbow, pink always complimented my ghostly complexion and I always idolised figures like Zandra Rhodes and how confident they were to pull off such a striking colour. The very start of my pink hair was a funny accident, when I was 8 my Mum dyed my hair for Red Nose Day with a 24 hour wash out dye and my hair went bright fuchsia for a month, luckily the school allowed me to keep it and not bleach it and still to this day it's one of my favourite photographs, so pink hair was always going to be on the cards!

What advice would you have for anyone wanting to start a blog?

Write because you want to write and not because you have to!

Quick Fire Question with Stephi-

Tea or coffee?



S/S 110%

My best friends would describe me in 3 words how?

Quirky, Colourful, Insane (had to ask the besties)

Top 3 fashion bloggers are?

Violet Ell
Chiara Ferragni

My perfect day would be?

Wake up 9am on a sunny warm day, have eggs florentine, do some blogging, have lunch with friends, explore a city and have a shop, have dinner with my boyfriend, watch the sunset, dance the night away at a gig and retire to a squishy bed

Heels or flats?

I prefer a platform flat but gah heels!!

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