Jill Gourlay is one of the newest bloggers on the scene with launching 8 months ago and she's already making waves with 
100,000 views late last month! The gorgeous 19 year old Scottish fashion & style blogger recently took some time out to style up some of her fav pieces from Frank & Doll and have a little chat with us!

Your blog is fab.. what inspired you start blogging? - Well ive always had a passion for writing but i knew novel writing or short stories werent my thing. Creativity has always been in my blood - i was so passionate about art and expressing myself but knew i couldnt get the career i wanted from that so i one day woke up and realised i had to do something about it and just started a blog when i was 16. I didnt know anyone with one and i kept it quiet for a good 2/3 years until i made I wear my wages - i am more comfortable with myself and i know what im capable of and i'm really starting to see how well ive done for myself in such a little time which i love and want to continue.

How would your describe your personal style? - I think it changes every week to be honest, i just go with how im feeling. Some days i want to be in all leather and some days i want to be in a structured white dress and pointed heels. It goes from fancy casual to fancy - ive never really been one to wear a hoodie and leggings out, dont get me wrong this is my favourite thing to wear in the house but i think dressing well is a form of good manners, like the man himself Tom Ford once said, its something i follow and believe in.


Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together? - Aw i have so many rules i didnt even realise. I really frown upon when i see someone in say pink but their outfit is made up of like 4 different shades of pink.. its just too much. If im ever unsure with an outfit i always keep simplicity in mind. When its all over the place and too many patterns and colours it begins to look messy. 

Who inspires you in the fashion world? - Im not really 100% sure, i am all about being creative but for some people this has a different meaning. I would say im inspired by people just loving their body and showing it off in clothes that they feel comfortable in, im so inspired by anyone who makes effort like myself.

What do you enjoy most about fashion blogging? The freedom, i can do as i please. I can express anything i want. I always love that no one really gets to see the behind the scenes, they just see a finished product. But so much work goes into each of my features and im normally on a crazy random adventure with my mum because she's my photographer, and we end in the most strange and unlikely to photograph well places and they always seem to look the best in the end, for instance there is a cycle path next to my house and we normally walk for 5 minutes till we find a lane that leads to behind a distillery and theres just a random ugly closed off area with weeds and grass and let me tell you, in the summer it looks amazing in photographs, you wouldn't guess i was there or in Scotland. I love the mystery of it all.

Whats one wardrobe essential you cant do without? - This is actually a hard question but its slowly becoming my leather high waisted jeans, i wear them no matter the occasion/weather they are so versatile! for casual or fancy which i love!

What advice would you give someone starting a fashion blog? - Try not get too dragged down on followers and not being noticed straight away, that only happens for some people. Focus on good quality and content thats what companies should be looking for! Just dont be too afraid to show what you actually want to or want to write about. Also dont copy more well known bloggers thinking that will get you somewhere - just do you, that will get you more noticed.

Quick 10 fire question - 

Tea or Coffee? - Tea, milk and 2 sugars of course!

I'm happiest when? - I am blogging or eating pizza in bed!

Top 3 places to shop? - Primark, Miss Selfridge, Lilylulu.

My best friend would describe me in 3 words how? - Dramatic, mad, fashionable 

Top 3 fashion bloggers are? - Lydia Elise Millen, Charlotte Fisher, Emily Cocklin

Heels or Flats? - always heels! 

In 10 years i wanna be? - Anywhere thats not Scotland, and hopefully not working for others but for myself!

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