While embarking on our Canada & USA road trip we are hooking up with the hottest fashion bloggers along the way. We were beyond excited to catch up with the gorgeous Janis from Dress Me Dearly
The 29 Year old babe from Edmonton has been blogging since 2009. 

Your blog is fab.. what inspired you start blogging?
I've always loved fashion, clothes, textiles, magazines. A blog seemed like a fun creative outlet for sharing my favourite fashion finds. It started out as a hobby; I really had no intention of it becoming a business.

Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?
Absolutely. Dressing is all about balance and silhouettes. If you're wearing something form-fitting on top, go with a looser fit on the bottom and vice versa. If you're showing a lot of leg, opt for a more conservative top. 

Who inspires you in the fashion world?
Kelly Cutrone, Director of Peoples Revolution PR - one of the world's most powerful fashion public relations firms. I'm a fashion publicist myself and find her no bullshit attitude really refreshing. I love people who work in fashion, but have a foot in reality still. You have to be careful in the industry because it can swallow you up in its grandiose vanity and excessive consumerism. Cutrone is known for her cutthroat attitude, but I appreciate her work ethic and sensibility in what can sometimes be a non-sensical industry. 

(We totally recommend her book 'If you have to cry go outside')

What do you enjoy most about fashion blogging? 
I love all the interesting people and brands my blog has connected me with. I've had some incredible opportunities to meet and collaborate with designers, boutique owners, photographers, models and other bloggers. I've made life-long friends through my blog and its provided me the opportunity to do what I love as a career. 

Whats one wardrobe essential you cant do without? 
A statement coat. Edmonton has very unpredictable weather and having a versatile jacket that projects my style that can take me from business meeting to social event in any outfit is important. 

What advice would you give someone starting a fashion blog? 
I recently gave the same advice in another interview: Find your niche. Ask yourself what you can offer the blogosphere that isn’t already out there. Or how can you do it better than someone else? Don’t be a carbon copy of the millions of other fashion blogs. Do something sincere, authentic and creative that doesn’t just regurgitate other people’s content.

Quick 10 fire question - 

Tea or Coffee? 

I'm happiest when?
I'm traveling!

Top 3 places to shop?
Top Shop, Club Monaco and Edmonton's Oak + Fort. 

My best friend would describe me in 3 words how?
She's sitting across from me right now! She says "Spunky, Sassy, Sexy" Ha!

Top 3 fashion blogs are?
Karla's Closet
Slutever (technically not fashion - but I love this blog!)

Heels or Flats?

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